How To Earn Money While Doing Regular Shopping – Amazon Retail Arbitrage


How To Make Money With Amazon (Part 2) – Amazon Retail Arbitrage

This is a part of “How To Make Money With Amazon” series.
It is for everyone who is serious about making money online.
We focus on the quickest and the least risky strategies with a minimum starting budget as possible. You will gain the knowledge that you can put into practice right now, for the money to start working for you instead you working for the money.
The series consists of 6 parts:
Part 1 – Introduction To Amazon FBA
Part 2 – Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage
Part 3 – Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage
Part 4 – Amazon FBA Wholesale
Part 5 – Amazon FBA Private Label Products
Part 6 – Amazon FBA Seller Evolution
If you haven’t read previous parts, please go over them, so you will get the most out of this one.

Amazon FBA Retail Arbitrage

How To Earn Money While Doing Regular Shopping

Do you go shopping regularly?
Most likely that you do, especially if you have a family and kids.
We all need to buy groceries, clothes, presents for birthdays, etc.
To do all of this we often go to physical retail shops or shopping centres (malls).
What if I told you that you could start earning money while visiting retail shops?
Would you want to make an extra £50, £100 or even £200 by spending a little bit more time inside the shop you are already in? If you are, then continue reading and I will show you how exactly you can do it.

Most people think that Amazon has the cheapest deals on everything.
Unfortunately, it is not true if you are a consumer purchasing products on Amazon.
Fortunately for sellers that do Amazon retail arbitrage, it is often the case.
It is a very common situation when a product costs much cheaper in a retail store than on Amazon.
This gives an opportunity to people like you and me to earn extra cash by flipping products on Amazon.

What you need to do is simply find products that are cheaper than on Amazon, so you can buy them and then sell for a profit.
This process is called Retail Arbitrage.
So next time you are in a shop, look around and see whether you can find hidden gems that you can make some profit from.

If you are skeptical about it, then don’t be. I know people who are making 5, 6, and even 7 figures from the retail arbitrage alone. They achieve it by developing relationships with store managers so they get notified about store sales and get special deals when the store needs to get rid of particular lines.

Here is an example of what you can achieve with Amazon Retail Arbitrage in just one month:

First Month Of Amazon FBA Sales

Even by simply mixing Amazon retail arbitrage with your regular shopping you can add a healthy additional cash flow to your income.

If you want to learn more about Amazon FBA business and see results in less than a month, then download my free report below with a step-by-step process outlined in it.

Below you can find a video explaining the Pros & Cons of Amazon FBA retail arbitrage:

This post is a part of “How To Make Money With Amazon” series.
To make the most out of it, please read the next post – Part 3 – Amazon FBA Online Arbitrage


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