Arbitrage Hero Chrome Extension – Online Arbitrage Amazon FBA Sourcing Tool


We have just released the first version of our brand-new Google Chrome extension.

In this version, we added support for reverse search sourcing. This feature will allow you to use Arbitrage Hero reverse search feature right in your browser when navigating through the Amazon website.

To get access to it, you need to have an active Arbitrage Hero subscription.

Here is how you can get access to it:

  1. Install Arbitrage Hero Chrome Extension
  2. Grab your API key from your AH profile page:
  3. Click on the Arbitrage Hero extension icon in your browser and paste your AH API key in the opened dialog:
  4. Once activated, you should be able to see reverse search information on the Amazon search results page, on the product details page, and on product list pages, like storefront pages.

    Amazon Product Search View:

    Product Details Page View:

    Storefront Page View:

We hope that you will like this Amazon reverse search extension and that it will help you in your online arbitrage business.

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